Thursday, April 16, 2009

Once-a-year Lasagna


Last fall some (wonderful) girl friends of mine put together an amazing bachelorette party for me the weekend before I got married. My friend Stacey very generously allowed us to use her lake house, and we had an absolute blast! One of games we played that weekend involved a list of questions about our relationship. Charlie answered the questions before we arrived then I answered the same questions (the penalty for answering incorrectly being that I had to take a shot and the reward being that I got to open a gift). Well, I'm certainly not tackling the entire list of questions publicly, but there was one that applies to this blog. Jenna asked what answer Charlie gave when asked what his favorite dish is that I cook. Breaking the rules, my sister then lunged across the table and shouted "Once a year lasagna!!!". She was correct.
That's right. I only make lasagna once a year. Why? Because the first time I made it for Charlie he ate half the pan in one night! It is for HIS HEALTH and general wellbeing that I established this rule (although I'm not sure that he appreciates it). In return, he gets to choose when I make the lasagna, and a few days ago the request was made. True to my word, I whipped it up. As expected, it was gone in two days.
What is it about Once-A-Year-Lasagna that he loves? I'm sure I don't know. I, for one, don't really love cheesy, tomatoey, pasta dishes. All of those things individually are fabulous, but put together I think they disappoint. He, however, does not.


See how happy he is?

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