Sunday, May 17, 2009

Storing Bakeware

I really love my apartment.  It's in a great area of the city, has a fabulous sun room, and it's just the right size for my husband and me.  My only real gripe is a common one.  There isn't quite enough storage space, and I have a LOT of stuff -- especially kitchen stuff.  So when Charlie suggested that we put magnets on the pantry walls and stick our bakeware to the magnets I was all about it.  We went around and around about what type of magnets we should use, and we tried a few types, but none of them worked as well as we'd hoped.  Then one day I put away one of our cheese knives and realized that the answer had been staring us in the face the whole time.  
We keep some of our knives on a long, thin magnet above the kitchen sink.  It's the same type of magnetic knife rack commonly used in professional kitchens, and it's also perfect for storing bakeware in the pantry.  Take a look:


Oh wow, I'm so pleased!  Charlie did a wonderful job of installing the magnets, and we were able to free up an entire shelf in the pantry.  We bought the magnets at Ikea, and they cost $9 apiece -- totally worth it.  Also, (according to Charlie) they were simple to install.  If every inch of storage space matters where you live I highly recommend giving this a shot.  The sound the pans make when the magnets suck them in is pretty cool as well.  


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  1. I store lots of my bakeware vertically, also but in a little rack within a cabinet - this is smart - wish I had the walls for it!