Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheese plates and compound butter

My wonderful husband, who is a very good cook, put together a beautiful cheese plate for dinner last night. It was so lovely that I thought I would share a few photos.


The cheese plate includes gorgonzola, goat's milk brie (a great find at Trader Joe's), grapes, carrot sticks, and rosemary bread. It was such a fresh, yummy dinner!

Charlie also made a delicious compound butter a couple of weeks ago. It's fabulous on bread or simply tossed with hot pasta. The photos below show a big chunk of the butter next to a bit of it smeared on rosemary bread.


Yum! Compound butters are flavored butters. They are fairly simple to make and the can add a lot of flavor to cooking. The butter above was seasoned primarily with fresh dill and shallots, but any combination of herbs and spices can be used. I'll post the recipe for the dill-shallot compound butter that Charlie made soon.

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