Monday, March 9, 2009

My little indoor grill

Two springs ago I got it into my head that grilling is the absolute best way to welcome in the new season.  To my dismay I lived in an apartment with a strict rule against grills on the patio (a very smart restriction since the patio was made of wood and fire would spread quickly).  I had almost given up on the idea of grilling altogether when Charlie surprised me one afternoon with an All-Clad Double Burner Grill Pan.  We immediately began cooking everything on the grill, from chicken thighs to blueberries (quite tasty).  The grill pan performed beautifully and filled my apartment with the most wonderful smells of spring: grilled onions, bell peppers, scallops, tomatoes, mushrooms, skirt steak...  Every week I tried something new on the grill and invented a number of new recipes.
Two Marches later I'm still just as excited about the approaching spring and the lighter, fresher foods it promises.  This week I'm going to bring out the double burner grill pan and put it to good use!

My All-Clad Double Burner Grill Pan -- it performs very well on gas eyes.  I'm very pleased with how evenly it cooks and how much control I have over the temperature.  Also, the non-stick surface makes clean up super easy.

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