Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will I ever learn?

One problem constantly creeps up on me when I'm cooking.  It's ridiculously simple to avoid, but I can't seem to learn my lesson!  
Tonight I decided to play around with phyllo.  I wanted to put flakey strips of phyllo in a muffin tin and place layers of spinach, mushrooms, and roasted garlic between the sheets.  I planned on gathering the phyllo at the top and giving it a fancy little twist so I would have a b'steeya-like mini-muffin (except instead of rabbit it would be full of veggies).  Mmmmm...sounds yummy still.
After work I dashed to Publix, fought the crowd of post-work zombies like myself, and hurried home so I would have plenty of time to put together my dish and tweak as necessary.  Boy, it was going to be so good....too bad I forgot the phyllo dough!  Instead I had sauteed mushrooms and spinach, roasted zucchini with feta, couscous with pine nuts, and a salad comprised of tomatoes, cucumbers, and dill.  Not a bad dinner UNLESS you were planning on something ELSE!
Grrrr....I need to be more conscientious!  I am the queen of forgetting to purchase (or make sure I have at home) a crucial ingredient.  I suppose the stress of the last week and a little sleep deprivation aren't helping.  

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  1. Kasie I am the EXACT same way. Except you can cook! Haha but really, I always forgot stuff. Especially the main ingredient. I always hope that one day I will be able to go to the grocery store without a list and bring home everything, cook it perfectly, and have Stephen clean up!